Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another New Year

We're already well into the new year and it's the time for making all kinds of promises to ourselves about how we are going to improve this, lose that, learn this and that...but here I am looking back at the last days of 2009 and wishing that I could turn the clock back. The tasks of life have already started to overwhelm me and fill up the pages of my calendar.

For Christmas we traveled to northern Wyoming to my mother-in-law's. Although she has a computer, it is dial-up to get online so tapping into technology is extremely painful...it's so bad grown men have been known to run out of the house screaming! Consequently we don't get online. There isn't any cell phone coverage so that nixes the use of iphones and droids.

She does have TV, but we don't even turn it on. That leaves wildlife viewing as our major form of entertainment. We had wild turkeys (Tom and Henrietta) in the yard, moose down the road and deer all over the place. Tom and Henrietta didn't even know that they were in danger of being served cooked on a platter...not really...but they were pretty trusting that we were harmless. And in between viewing the wildlife we went snowshoeing and cross country skiing. We ate when we wanted to and did what we wanted and took pleasures in the simple things. Sigh...Mom


  1. You know, snow shoeing just doesn't sound like fun to me, it's not as bad as skiing, but still not appealing. That said we go to my in-laws for the holidays and they live up by Yosemite so we hang with the wildlife there and watch the birds. Again super slow internet and no cell phones.

  2. Do swing by, I'm having a giveaway!