Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everlasting Flowers

Outside it is nippy and grey and the kind of day where you just want to hunker down. I am sad to see summer go, but I do like having the change of seasons. With the approach of winter I can cross off all of the undone chores in the garden and tackle some of the projects waiting for me in the craft room.

I just made this wall hanging for a silent auction. It is from a pattern by Patch-Abilities designed by Julie Bohringer with a few changes. I liked this wall hanging so much I almost decided not to put it into the silent auction and wanted to keep it for myself. It was a deja vu moment as I flashed back to a childhood birthday party I was invited to. My mom (aka Grandmother) and I went shopping and we picked up some cute little Trolldolls for a gift. Trolldolls were all the rage then...ohhh so long ago. Anyway I liked the Trolldolls so much that I decided I wanted to keep them. Of course I was reasoning that Mom would let me keep them and then I could get something else for the party. But no! Mom didn't quite see it that way. Her sage advice to me was that I needed to make a decision. Either I kept the dolls and didn't go to the party or I wrapped up the dolls and gave them to the birthday girl. I was torn but in the end I wanted to go to the party so I gave up the dolls.

Now where was I going with this??? Oh right...the wall hanging...I ended up giving it as a silent auction item. But I can make one for myself and I will, just so I can hang it up and dream about flowers when I am up to my armpits in snow! Mom

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