Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where in the world

does your produce come from? This week I needed a red pepper and they didn't have any at the Farmer's Market so I stopped at the local grocery store. It was interesting reading where the produce comes from, found the red peppers with a sticker that said they came from Canada, a yellow pepper from Colorado and then there was an orange pepper with a strange looking sticker that said "produce of Holland", I tried to find a produce person but the only one there was a gentleman stocking the bins. I asked him if this pepper came from Holland in Europe but he didn't know, the produce manager was not in but left my phone number and hoped he could answer my question. That was two days ago and still no answer. Now that our meat and produce have to be labeled where they are grown it has been interesting reading the labels. Not to pleased with the meat labeling as it just says produced in the USA, Canada or Mexico. Not too informative for me. Enjoy shopping and reading the labels. Grandmother

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  1. I just picked up a bunch of california organics from a start up co-op locally.