Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What fun!!!

I put my creative talents (whatever they are) to the limit in this wall hanging. My husband got me a new Bernina 440 quilters edition sewing machine for my anniversary and I have been having a great time trying to use all the functions. It has an automatic quilting attachment which regulates the stitches for quilting. A memory function for decorative stitching. There are over 200 different decorative stitches to use as embellishments. I used only a few of them plus tried bobbin embroidery, worked yarn, and odds and ends of thread into the design. The top picture shows more detail. Sure did get my brain working. Grandmother


  1. It looks great! Don't you just love your Bernina??? I'm regretting not buying the "Big Boy" from the start. Oh well, maybe Will will take a cue from his grandfather one of these years . . .

  2. How beautiful is this!
    I love it!