Thursday, May 14, 2009

New life on the river

We walk along the Colorado River for exercise. It is not as strenuous as our Granddaughter's workout. The river is quite high due to the run off in the mountains and several inlets are now filled with water. We stopped to look at the high water when we spotted four Canadian Geese swimming around in the quiet water, after a few minutes we saw five small goslings paddling in between the big geese. They still had yellow down on them and they were paddling for all they were worth. It made me think of spring time when I was growing up. Mother always got 100 to 200 new chicks and 20 to 25 ducklings. They were fuzzy and warm when you picked them up. It was exciting to help unload them and watch them run around under the brooders to keep warm. Grandmother

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