Monday, February 16, 2009

Heart-Shaped Snowflakes

Look closely and you will see that the snowflakes are heart shaped...they have to be because this was taken on Valentine's Day!
A great day for snowshoeing to and from Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. The day was overcast with light snow, but being in the trees we were protected from the wind. It actually was quite comfortable for snowshoeing. Oh yeah...that noise you hear...that's my heart pounding as we tackle the climb uphill. One guy in snowshoes took off past me off!
We had a couple of uninvited guests to lunch when we stopped to dine. The sneaky, feathered intruders were brazen and at one time attempted a snatch and fly trying to get a piece of bread from my husband's hands. They weren't too afraid of getting in close for that extra bite.
This one is trying to act nonchalant, but in reality it is checking out the lunch bag to see what goodies it can grab.
Of course it wouldn't be a trek through the park without seeing the elk. They really look cruddy this time of year, as their hides are pretty rough looking. What a life! Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day and did something fun. Mom

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  1. We stayed in and painted parts of our living room.