Friday, January 9, 2009

Look what Gramps is doing!!!

Be careful what you say. Gramps made the statement he would like to learn to play the sax. That was all it took for some of us to get the idea of purchasing learn to play music books, easy song books and some reeds for his Christmas. So then we had to find the sax which our youngest son played in school some thirty years ago. We dug it out and our son-in-law and daughter took it to the music shop to see what replacement pads would cost. After getting a $400 to $500 estimate, Gramps decided to do it himself. Now he has it spread all over the dining table and is slowly replacing the pads after ordering a "do it yourself" book and repair kit. His days are filled with shellac and leather pads and finding joy in what he is doing. PS I just hope he gets it finished by next Saturday. We are expecting our Daughter, Granddaughter and her husband and we will need the table. Grandmother

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  1. Bravo! Glad to see gramps channeling charlie parker!