Monday, December 1, 2008

Day Two

What? No! Really?! He was back and scampering around. A check of the board showed it to be tightly in place so he was getting in somewhere else. I was baffled as to what to do next. As the morning went on and I continued to hear the critter, I realized that although he was getting in somewhere else, he couldn't get out through that same hole. His only exit was the one covered.

I figured he had to be getting in somewhere over the garage because I could hear him running circles above it. Dragging out the ladder I assessed the nooks and crannies in the roof line of the garage and plastered anything that I thought might be an opening. Why can't builders make sure all boards and walls and roofs are tight? Men!! Next time I am looking for a builder who is a woman.

My next move was to remove the board and let the squirrel out. I pried it out and then climbed down to watch. I could hear him running around in the eaves, back and forth. I thought he was never going to get back over to the opening and find it open. I heard the pitter patter heading in that direction, and was relieved when I saw him tentatively stick his head out. Come on...get out! After assessing the situation he climbed out and then he saw me. I smacked my hands together and he high-tailed it over the roof top. I clamored back up the ladder and wedged the board into the spot.

Guess I will see if I got the house sealed up. If not the next step just might be squirrel stew! Mom

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  1. I'm guessing success!

    Thanks for the kind words, things here are less than jolly.