Friday, October 3, 2008

What, No Tooth Fairy?

I guess when you get older the tooth fairy doesn't visit you anymore. Yesterday I had a wisdom tooth pulled. It did not come out like the ones I remember, my Dad tying a string on the loose tooth and giving it a yank. After removing the tooth, I would take it and look it over and put it in a glass of water beside my bed. The tooth fairy took the tooth and left a quarter. Now in those days a quarter went a long ways. I spent 5 cents on an ice cream cone, 10 cents on a bag of different penny candies, 5 cents for the Sunday School offering and put 5 cents in my piggy bank. It seemed so easy but now days it is a major effort to get a tooth removed; waiting for an appointment, prepping for the removal, numbing the jaw before finally the dentist pops the tooth out. I paid for the removal and the tooth fairy didn't even show up. Grandmother

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