Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh dear, dishpan hands

Its been a long time since I had to wash dishes by hand. The 20 year old dishwasher in our home gave up and it took two days to get a new one and then have it installed. Dish washing is not a chore I enjoy. Growing up my sister and I must have washed and dried dishes around 6570 days while we were living at home. My mother got a dish washer after both of us had left the house (I don't think washing and drying dishes was a chore she enjoyed). My first dish washer was a portable roll around type which had to be attached to the faucets in the sink. The drain hose looped over the side of the sink and the water drained into the sink. The biggest mess I ever cleaned up was when the hose fell to the floor. Didn't know that the machine took that much water. Well I have given up washing dishes by hand and massaged lotion into my red hands. Grandmother

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