Friday, September 5, 2008

I can't remember

being so interested in an upcoming election as the one for this year. It was sort of humdrum until John McCain announced his running mate. His campaign has certainly taken on a rah, rah, effort with the announcement of Sarah Palin. What a pert, bouncy, determined person. Reading comments from both Democratic and Republican voters it has added spice to this campaign. It is too bad that her family problems have to be aired and discussed in every newscast. I think problems the candidates have with their children should not be given so much media attention. The public tuned in to listen to her acceptance speech. The younger candidates have the public's ear. 37 plus million listened to Obama's speech and 36 plus million listened to Palin's speech. From now on the candidates will have to sell themselves and what they can do for our country. I am looking forward to hearing them to help me decide who I will cast my vote for in November. Grandmother

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