Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it hot enough?

The 90+ weather is here! The refreshing picture on the front page of the paper this morning was of 3 children enjoying sno-cones at the fairgrounds. Along with this picture was an article on the cost of admission, rides and treats. While the fair here has reasonable admission prices, I was surprised to read about the cost of treats. Water was $2.00, sno-cones $1.50, funnel cake $6.00, bottle of beer $4.00 and fries with the works $7.00. An all day pass for rides was $25.00. When I was growing up the fair was an important outing. Companies and stores around town gave out admission tickets so it didn't cost anything to get in. A big cotton candy was 15 cents, we got 12 rides for $1.00 and the best of all was a big cup of fresh squeezed lemonade for 10 cents. We started saving our allowance in the month of June and looked for extra jobs to earn money. By the time August rolled around we might have $2.50 or $3.00. Fair time in Montana is a great memory and we didn't know what a bargin it was. Grandmother

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