Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday USA

Fourth of July!!!! It is hot and sunny here today. We have our flag out and it is just sitting there in the sun. Still looking at it I am thinking how lucky I am to live in the USA amid the high gas prices, rising inflation and Medicare cut backs. This day was always celebrated in our family. On the ranch it was a day for fried chicken, potato salad and birthday cake. My Dad's birthday was also on the fourth. Sometimes we had home made ice cream and I remember the salty sweet tastes when they lifted the beater and the ice cream dripped on the ice. It was a time for sparklers, fire crackers and rockets in the evening. We oohed and aahed when the rockets flew up in the air. Now days most fireworks are banned for safety reasons and fire hazards but we didn't think about the dangers. Sometimes our fingers got burned from the sparklers as we chased around the yard. There are the fireworks displays with spectacular results at the city park or by the river but I miss being chased by my brothers with sparklers and my Mother yelling to be careful. Grandmother

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