Friday, July 11, 2008

A few cents here

and a few cents there. I figure that I earn 15 to 25 cents per week by using my "green bags." I read in the paper that Telluride and Aspen are trying competition between the two towns to see which town can inspire their citizens to abolish plastic bags. The town of Telluride estimates 25,000 fewer plastic bags have been used since they began the no-plastic program on Memorial Day. One bank has offered a $100 savings bond to be drawn for persons using the "green bags", the grocery stores have joined on the band wagon to offer $50 gift certificates for the drawing. Filmmaker Suzan Boling is working on a documentary about the pollution of plastic polymer and the campaign of not using plastic bags. This is good news now if we can get more people involved and stop filling up our landfill with them. Think "Green." Grandmother

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