Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What!! no ring

That's what happened yesterday. I tried my cell phone and I got nothing!!!! Now what did I do to it, maybe pushed the wrong button but no I tried again and still nothing!!! The land phone rang and my daughter said "Why aren't you answering your cell?" I told her it did not ring, I could hear the sigh in her voice as she thought Mom doesn't know how to use the cell phone. I don't know whether I would ever give up my land phone.

The first phone I used was a six-party line phone. One of the favorite pastimes of my sister and I were to very quietly pick up the phone and listen in on the conversations. Then someone would shout "hang up the phone." Some of those conversations were interesting especially if some boy called his girl friend, at times there was no conversation just heavy breathing. One could use their imagination on what they were thinking. But I ramble, on the news last night we learned that our cell carrier was down for 4 hours and hence no cell phone, so it wasn't me after all. Grandmother

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