Friday, May 2, 2008

Poor parenting

That's all I can say about the Vanity Fairs layout on Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana). Miley's father Billy Ray Cyrus was on the photo shoot of his daughter and he okayed the picture of Miley nude with a satin sheet covering the front of her. This girl is only 15 years old and is a role model for a lot of kids. What were they thinking about!!!! Fans are up in arms and want to boycott Vanity Fair and Disney (her corporate sponsor.) I can't blame them but I believe the blame lies with her father in allowing these pictures. She is still a young lady and not a "sex symbol."

I think back to some of the role models we had and I can't remember one of them in suggestive poses with little or no clothes on. I guess the days of a young Judy Garland, a provocative Liz Taylor and of course Mitzi Gaynor are over. How things have changed. Grandmother

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  1. And I thought our opossum guy was cute!

    Too sweet.