Wednesday, May 28, 2008

E, I, X, U, O, C, E!!!!

Now what kind of word can I make out of those 7 letters? Scrabble is one way to activate my brain. My Dad got me hooked on this crazy game. There was always a Scrabble Dictionary close by and if he challenged you it had better be in that book. The Scrabble game has been around since 1938 and is sold in 121 countries, in 29 different languages. Over 100 million sets have been sold and in the US 1 out of 3 households have a Scrabble game. We are on our second game as the letters in the first game are well worn. A couple of the letters got misplaced and my Dad cut new squares and painted the missing letters on them. They didn't match the rest of the letters so you knew what letter was on those tiles. I always look forward to Granddaughter coming because she challenges me to a mean game. When we first started she was a good player and tried hard to win, now she is an aggressive player and it is getting harder and harder to beat her. I am watching for new words when I read or hear them, try to tuck them away in the Scrabble section of my brain just waiting for the chance to pull out the board and start playing. Thanks Granddaughter for taking time to match words. Grandmother

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