Sunday, April 6, 2008

Springtime and

baseball bring back memories. I was on a softball team for a couple of years in my younger days. My sister, sister-in-law, cousin and some neighbors decided to play in a spring league. One of our neighbor's folks owned a bar and they decided to sponsor us. We had shirts with their logo, Hi Ho Club and considered ourselves a team. The best part of being sponsored by a bar, is that they bought the drinks if we won. Now that wasn't very often but we had a good time out there, trying to beat the other team. Third base was my favorite position, it seemed a likely spot for me as very few hits came my way. It gave us girls a night out, our husbands tended the kids and once in a while they came to the game but the guys had a problem keeping track of the kids. We probably lost more games than we won but I remember the feeling when we did lose. I like league play, it goes faster and you sit closer to the dugout and can watch the expressions on the player's faces. Baseball and softball are great sports and when you can watch the game, it is SpringTime!!!. Grandmother

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