Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My radio

I remember how important a radio was. It was our link to places we could only imagine. I was about 6 or 7 when my grandparents got a radio. They lived across the road from us and my sister, two brothers and myself spent the evening hours at Grandma's for an hour. (This was one way our parents got us to do our homework.) Our imaginations worked overtime visioning the life saving action of Superman, how the West was tamed by the Texas Rangers and who could forget Captain Preston of the Royal Mounted Police. When I saw the movie Superman I was so disappointed because I had envisioned him as a strong, husky, outdoors person,(privately I had thought he would look a lot like my Dad.) On Saturday mornings my sister and I would dust and clean Grandma's parlor so we could listen to Let's Pretend, followed by Grand Central Station. In the summer we made time so we could listen the the "soaps", Ma Perkins, (sponsored by Oxydol Laundry Soap,) Our Gal Sunday (sponsored by Sweetheart Hand Soap) and One Man's Family, (sponsored by Postum.) For those of you who do not know about Postum. It was a substitute coffee, since we could not get real coffee during the war years. For a birthday present from my husband I received a Satelite Radio. My favorite station is the "Oldies" where I can reminisce about those earlier days and listen to some of those characters that captured my imagination. TV will never replace those memories. Grandmother

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