Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where in the world

do our food products come from. Checking the cupboard it looks like an international collection of tins, cans, jars, bottles and boxes. The first jar has dill pickles, on the back it says "product of India." Now I know that tea and spices come from India, but now dill pickles. That would not have bothered me but I just saw a report about the polluted water in India. Grabbing the next bottle which was salad dressing it read "product of Canada." Now I am intrigued and go to another cupboard and find a big box of garlic powder. In fine print it states, "product of USA and China." What does that mean, half of it came from China and half came from the USA?Checking further I find several containers stating, "distributed by" or "manufactured under" or "packed by." I wonder where the product was grown, then packed, distributed or manufactured under what conditions. What happened to "Made in the USA." Grandma

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