Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Econ 101

I didn't take economics in college because it wasn't a required course and it didn't seem to be an elective that would help me much in speech pathology. Now trying to make sense of US economics, it seems like the course should be required for everyone. I have been attempting to understand the new economic recovery package that Bush is promoting. Let me see if I understand this. The government is giving some money to some people hoping that they will go out and spend it...even though they can't make mortgage payments on their houses and have increasing debt on their credit cards. The government doesn't want you to put this money into savings because that won't help Uncle Sam. But then even Uncle Sam is having trouble managing his own financial affairs because he owes $250 billion and his dollar just keeps getting weaker and weaker. Oh but if people go out and spend this "free" money they are receiving it will help our manufacturing sector...oh wait most of our goods are now manufactured overseas. Now I admit I am probably one of the dumber people around when it comes to economics but doesn't this "economic recovery package" seem like putting a bandaid on a wound that requires a tourniquet??? Mom

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