Monday, January 7, 2008

Colbert Who?

So this blog is about generational viewpoints, and in this first post I'm going to show my youthful perspective by saying I'm writing this blog on my Apple (no Mom not the fruit) while watching The Colbert Report. Now my mom and grandmother probably don't know what the Colbert Report is, but it's essentially where my generation goes for watered down "news." What the Colbert Report and the Daily Show have that most news shows don't have (with the exception of Fox News) is politically incorrect humor, so we get a little bit of news, but we mostly get a whole lot of laughs. * These shows, our favorite blogs, and Google News are basically where we get our news. Now I'm sure this post will provide fodder for my older counterparts in their posts. But I thought hey why not get the ball rolling? And while we're at it how are we supposed to attract young readers, readers like me, when the design for our blog looks like something straight out of the 1900's? If I had designed it, it would have been a little more hip, a little more colorful than brown on brown. So did I post enough to ignite a fire?

*The slight at Fox News is because I remember watching the Fox news syndicate at my grandma's house during Christmas one year and the news host stuttered for about 5 minutes trying to remember the word for Menorah. Yeah that's what I call politically incorrect or perhaps just inept.

The twenty something i.e the daughter.

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